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Meyers Coupon Program Manager

Software Development
About This Project

We developed a coupon management program for The Meyers Printing Companies that helps its clients centralize all coupon program data and provides checks and balances that eliminate the possibility of creating coupons with mistakes. The Meyers Coupon Program Management (CPM) software is an intuitive software solution that saves its clients thousands of dollars each year.​


The Meyers Coupon Program Manager (CPM) was originally designed in 2008 for Frito-Lay to manage their extensive couponing operation. Prior to the utilization of the CPM, Frito-Lay’s coupon programs were managed using Excel spreadsheets. Meyers, as the producer of most of their coupons (and users of the spreadsheets), approached Frito-Lay with a better solution.​

Meyers interviewed all of the coupon program stakeholders to determine the requirements and design a software platform that would automate and manage the workflow and reporting.​

A resulting time study revealed that the use of the CPM saved Frito-Lay nearly 2,000 hours of labor and $130,000.00 over the course of the first year of implementation. The platform continues to evolve and provide value to both Meyers and Frito-Lay.